Kathie Miller

Kathie in UK

Kathie Miller
11th July 1945----- 30th  March 2015
Kathie passed away peacefully this spring after a long battle with cancer.
She will be so missed by all her friends and especially by the breeders of British Registered Soay Sheep in North America.

Kathie and her friend Val Dambacher were responsible for the import of the flock of Soay from Canada which had originated from the UK. They worked together to breed these sheep pure and when Val moved from the area Kathie continued on her own. She imported semen from four rams in the UK and continued to supply many starter flocks of these registered sheep. She was always generous with advice and encouragement and through her enthusiasm the British Registered Soay Sheep are now well established in North America.  It was always Kathie’s wish to save these important genes for future generations to enjoy.
--Christine Williams.