The British Soay Project began in 1999 when the flock of Soay Sheep that had been exported to the Combined Flock of Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the UK.  The six original sheep exported to Montreal from England in 1990 had been registered with the RBST but that registration had lapsed during their ten year quarantine in Canada.  With the aid of friends in the UK providing complete breeding records and photographs, Kathie Miller and Val Dambacher of Southern Oregon Soay Farms were able to get the sheep and their offspring reinstated into the RBST's Combined Flock Book as they began a three year effort to bring the entire flock to Oregon. The term British Registered Soay aka British Soay was suggested by the Soay Sheep Society in the UK and adopted at that time. 

From the humble beginnings of three sheep in 1999* the British Soay flock has grown to 476 registered ewes with the Trust as of January 2012.  For more information...

*19 additional lambs were imported in 2000.